Saturday, 21 November 2015


I'm delighted to let you know that I'll be releasing two new titles in the coming weeks, and just in time for the holidays.

The first one is another literary/historical novel set in 1890's northern England. Only this time I've moved away from Durham and on to Cumbria and Yorkshire. A CREATURE OF FANCY, (previously known as A Proper Lady) is set in the lovely market town of Kirkby Lonsdale with its breathtaking rural landscapes, praised by poet, John Ruskin.
And the picturesque coastal town of Whitby with its brooding, ruined abbey sitting on the cliff top. The site where Bram Stoker's famous vampire, Count Dracula, landed on British soil en route from Transylvania.  
Here's a quick blurb:
Cumberland, England,1898. Orphaned farm girl, Bonita Salt longs for a glamorous life away from the drudgery of the pig pens. On the way to the swine market, she meets the elegant and mysterious Violetta de Vere and, lured by promises of luxury and fortune, leaves home to join her new beauty enterprise.
Miss V transforms Bonita from plump and slatternly farm girl into a slender, poised lady to serve as inspiration for titled parents that seek to transform their plain, frumpy daughters into "marriageable” young beauties.
While visiting her mother’s grave, Bonita meets Reverend Jeremy Castleford. Despite a near proposal of marriage and strong advice to be wary of enterprises based solely on vanity and , Bonita moves to the pretty seaside town of Whitby where she soon discovers the true nature of Miss Violetta’s enterprise.
Bonita is soon caught up in a web of deceit, fraud, immorality and murder that leads to a catastrophic event and a strange and dangerous journey to uncover the truth about her mentor.
This book combines detailed research about the Victorian beauty industry with humor and unforgettable characters while taking a serious look at Victorian beliefs about the consequences of vanity and the place of women in Victorian society. Look out for this to be released EARLY DECEMBER!!

I'm also happy to say I've finally finished THE FEEDERS, Part 3 of The Iduna Project Trilogy. I've really enjoyed writing this Young Adult Sci-Fi series and am glad to bring the story of Paige, Junius and Chale to a great and I hope, satisfying conclusion. Look out for this to come out early December!

Paige returns to Carter City, determined to find her father on Masalina Island, a place that could provide permanent sanctuary for the Forevers.
But Marcia has other ideas and when Junius’s father shows up unexpectedly, plans for the next mission to save Junius go into high gear. Meanwhile a shocking discovery among the ARP residents of Golden Heights threatens Yul’s entire empire making him desperate to get to Paige and her father who may hold the key to the survival of The Iduna Project.
Paige must find the courage to outwit Marcia and Yul otherwise she’ll always be a pawn in the race for immortality. But she faces a tough road and unexpected dangers and revelations in her search to uncover the truth about all the players involved in the Iduna Project.
Can Paige finally find freedom, happiness and peace? Find out in the gripping final episode of The Iduna Project.

I'll keep you posted about these exciting new releases! Happy reading!



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