Friday, 3 January 2014


Right now I'm looking out of a coffee shop window onto blowing snow and realizing that it's actually the coldest winter here since 1893 with temperatures hovering between -22C and -35C, although with the wind chill it's more like -45C. For those of you living in milder climes, that's probably unimaginable, but life does still go on here and, yes, I did actually walk the dog when it was -27C outside. It's so cold here, the attached garage is colder than the freezer part of my refrigerator. Something you discover when you leave bottles of beer and cans of pop outside then discover they've frozen solid and exploded onto your car during the night. This week we've actually been colder than Iqualuit, which is way closer to the North Pole than we are.

You might think that all this frigid weather would get me down, but instead I've tried to channel it into my writing. Hence the birth of my new novel, LILAH, a suspense story set in the fictional town of Silver Narrows, Minnesota.

The story is narrated by Nick Hendricks, the 32 year old editor of local newspaper, the Silver Narrows Sentinel. Nick's carefree bachelor life changes irreversibly when  beautiful, mysterious Lilah arrives in town one winter night to set up shop on Main Street. How does Lilah already know about Nick? Why is she here? Where did she come from? What troubles haunted her past life? You'll just have to watch out for the release of the book some time in Spring 2014! I've given you a cover preview just to get you wondering and a few winter scenes to give you the flavour of the setting.
In the meantime, I hope you're all keeping warm wherever you are and if you're in a warm, sunny place I'm totally jealous. I guess I'll just have to stoke up the fire, get the tea going and curl up with a good book! I'll shovel the driveway later!

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