Wednesday, 10 July 2013

You Can Write Too.

I know lots of you love to read but how many of you have a secret wish to write?  And how many of those are afraid to make a start because they're afraid they have nothing to say?  My answer to this is TRY IT! You have to start somewhere and in my many years experience of helping high school students become better creative writers, the first step that gets the whole process going is to start a DAILY FREE WRITE JOURNAL!.  Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to your favourite bookstore and buy the most beautiful, appealing writing journal.  Make sure it's one that you love to look at, handle and - yes - smell! 
  2. Buy the craziest, sleekest or silliest pen.  One that takes you out of your comfort zone.
  3. Purchase the above items and head straight to the coffee shop where you'll treat yourself to a decadent, expensive and complicated drink as well as the yummiest pastry.
  4.  Sit down and admire your journal as you sip your frosty frappucino.  Handle the pen and empty your mind until you're completely relaxed.
  5. Open the first page of the journal and feel that unfamiliar thrill as you think, "I could be a writer!"
  6. Write the following on the first page. Today I open my eyes and ears and let my senses lead the way.
  7. Look around you.  Notice details that wouldn't normally register with you.  Listen to snippets of conversations. (Be discreet - I've been in trouble more than once for staring!).  Notice smells, textures, the taste of your drink.
  8. Try writing: Today I see....   I hear...... I smell.... I taste... I feel....
  9. Silence your inner editor.  Just let the words flow even if they don't make sense. And let them take you wherever they want to go.  You'll be shocked.   It's called freeing your "wild mind".  It takes a bit of practice but it's the first step in becoming a writer.
  10. Try to do this every day in different places.  The workings of your wild mind will surprise you!
Check out this interesting site about the journals of famous people:

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