Monday, 16 December 2013

A Dedication

One of the nice things about writing a book is that you get to dedicate it to someone special or significant in your life. I have a story about the dedication in my latest novel, BUSTED OUT, my first novel set in Canada. The novel is about teens trying to find their way through personal and family conflict. It's also a tragic story that touches on abuse - physical abuse, alcoholism and gambling addiction. In a way, the story really underlines the courage and resilience of these kids, and their ability to survive.

But sometimes the obstacles can be just too overwhelming, and some kids don't survive. That's why I dedicated the book to four young people I worked with many years ago who didn't make it. They were trying to turn their lives around by going to school to get their Grade 12, but they all met tragic ends. Mike C was an energetic, handsome young guy and a great leader. He was a guide up north during the summer for hunters and fishing trips. He was fatally stabbed during one of those summers. Paul P was a gentle, kind young gay man with a love of the outdoors and his family. He was found hanging in his apartment, under mysterious circumstances. Mike S was an enthusiastic, happy go lucky kid who died accidentally as a result of a fall down the basement stairs. Clarence G was a quiet, thoughtful and intelligent young man who died from hypothermia when he walked home alone from a party.
These four deaths happened in the space of about three years.
These four young men had promising lives ahead of them.
I hope in some small way the book keeps their memory alive.

Katie, one of the characters in the book says:
 We all think life’s like a race – run fast and keep your eyes fixed on what’s ahead – cause you gotta win – at any cost. And that’s the problem – we’re afraid to stop and look at each other - afraid to talk – to truly know
There are many kids out there who feel like nobody's listening. Let's take the time to stop and talk. It could save someone's life.

BUSTED OUT is available on Amazon Kindle and in Paperback. Check it out here

****THE PITMAN'S DAUGHTER UPDATE*** Last week THE PITMAN'S DAUGHTER climbed to #6 in the Amazon UK Literary Fiction Bestseller list. An amazing experience! And it's still hanging in there at #10 last time I checked!

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