Friday, 13 September 2013


Laura's latest cake!

Giant cupcake with roses

Once in a while it's great to feature something totally different. To step away from fiction and focus on something really delectable, fun, yummy and decadent. Something that just makes you happy. I'm talking about cakes. And not just any cake. I mean the CAKE BOSS TYPE!    Check out these gorgeous cakes made by my daughter,  Laura. She's a designer and this is her latest interest. These cakes were custom made for some very special people.

The Vegas Cake complete with fondant dice!
Bowtie and suspenders                   Barbie Girl

I think they're gorgeous and one thing's for sure - they made the recipients very, very happy so why don't you take a break on this Friday 13th and make, buy or order the most decadent cake you can think of. Or better still - get Laura to make you one! You'll feel way better for it.

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