Sunday, 15 September 2013


Miners' wives hang out the washing(1940's)

#1 - Thank you for all your support with my new release THE PITMAN'S DAUGHTER! Sales are really starting to take off, particularly in the UK (Thanks to all of you in the North-East) with some in the USA, some in Canada and some actually in Germany! This has also improved sales of THE FOREVER ONES. Also, I made some enquiries, has lowered the paperback price of THE PITMAN'S DAUGHTER"to a more reasonable one.

#2 - OOPS! If you ordered a paperback version of THE PITMAN'S DAUGHTER, you may or may not have noticed a typo on the back cover. It reads "Their relationship is complicated by the tragic Maggie, abused wife of seven children and Ella, the childless street gossip with her nose in everyone’s business." No it's not THAT kind of story. It should read, "Maggie, abused mother of seven children."
My apologies for that oversight. It's being corrected as we speak but that means you have a unique version of the book.

#3 - If you're not from the North-East of England, you'll notice there's a great deal of local dialect in THE PITMAN'S DAUGHTER that you may have trouble understanding. here's a couple of common words used in it:
 "ard"  = old
 "wife" = woman, usually an older, married one so an "ard wife" is an old woman
"bairn"= child
"lugs" = ears
"cloth lugs" = not listening, hard of hearing (not clinically)
"gannin" = going 
"gob" = mouth
You can find out more about this dialect from The Durham and Tyneside Dialect Group

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